How To Remove Tape In Hair Extensions

Alexandra Cristin - March 18, 2015
Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are very easy to maintain and even easier to remove. Some women who have never worn tape in hair extensions are really worried that tape in hair extensions will ruin your hair. They think tape in hair extensions will damage your hair and you will be bald. This is not the truth at all and tape in hair extensions are the least damaging out of all of the semi-permamnet hair extensions on the market. The Glam Seamless extensions are made with the perfect amount of strength-but are not as sticky as other brands. There are other tape brands that use a gel based tape and that tape is impossible to remove and do rip our hair. That is why we have chosen to make our tape in extensions with medical grade adhesive which sticks  very well but isn’t gooey and difficult to remove.  Removing tape in hair extensions is really easy to do and effortless.

We use the Organic Coconut Bond Remover to remove tape extensions because this organic oil nourishes the hair and allows the tape bonds to slip right out. Some other brands use alcohol or strong chemical products which are damaging and drying to the hair. After your hair has been sandwiched in between tape wefts the last thing you want to do is put harsh chemicals on the hair. This isn’t necessary and it isn’t healthy for the hair. The organic bond remover is the best solution and will work very well and quickly.

Many want to know, can I remove my tape in hair extensions myself and the answer is yes you can. However, if you haven’t done so before or you are worried about ripping hair out then we advise you go to your hairstylist to have them removed. Removing tape in extensions yourself is easy if you have experience with it and you have patience. Simply apply oil to each bond, if you can, peel back parts of each tape bond and apply the oil in between each bond to allow the oil to work and remove the bond effortlessly. Allow the oil to see for 3-5 minutes then remove. If the tape feels really sticky still use more oil until the tape extensions come out effortlessly. Tape extensions will come out if you get the oil right in between each bond and allow it time to set. That being said, if you feel more comfortable and are worries about hair loss then always trust your hairstylist for removing the tape extensions.

Tape extensions need to be removed and reapplied every 6-12 weeks. This is a wide range of time as it depends on how fast your hair grows and how well you take care of your tape extensions. If your hair grows really fast you will need to remove and reapply them more often as they will be growing out and start to show when you wear the hair in certain styles. The slower your hair grows the longer wear you will get out of them. Most people are able to wear tape extensions for 10 weeks.

The tape extensions can be reused and reapplied up to three times. Every time you remove the tape extensions it is really important to get off all of the oil that you used to remove them. The extensions need to be washed really well, dried, and then applied with new tape. If you want to make sure you get all of the oil off so the tape lasts and works for reapplication then we advise that you dot the extensions with alcohol before applying the new tape to ensure all of the oil is gone.

That being said, tape extensions can easily be removed and do not damage hair. Many love tape extensions and once they have them they never go back to any other type. 2-3 months is the perfect time to wear hair extensions-and that is what you get with the tape extensions. The other methods, fusion/keratin/microbead can last up to 6 months. 6 months is a very long time and puts too much strain on the hair.

Tell us, have you removed your hair extensions yourself with no problem?

How to remove tape in hair extensions

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