How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions

Alexandra Cristin - March 20, 2015
Glam Seamless

Tape in hair extensions are very easy to apply and you can transform your look instantly. Although they are easy you cannot apply tape extensions yourself. A professional and experience cosmetologist will be better at applying tape extensions than yourself or a friend. Make sure to work with a hairstylist who has done tape extensions before, not someone who has just looked it up online. There are many tips and tricks to having a perfect application and it goes far beyond sandwiching two tape wefts together. A hairstylist who is experienced in tape extensions will customize each application for the perfect hair extension application. There is so much that can be done with tape extensions. You can add highlights, go ombre, and transform your hair anyway you would like.

See how to apply tape in hair extensions:



  1. Hi ive always been addicted to extensions starrted with glue in which basically left me bald after managing to grow my hair past my shoulders just now want to add some for a fuller look n slightly longer ive used micro beads but these did not stay in long as soon as the glue inside the bead has any heat from styling equipment they make yr hair so greasy id like to try the tapered look but my guess is the tape once exposed to heat with make the bonds cum out please let me know as I do like to wash my hair ive always used extentions that are 100% human hair will never use synthetic as u can colour style straighters also fine just nothing stops u feeling like yr hairs tacky ps I wouldnt say the value ive spent im guessing I could easily hvvset up my own shop

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