Fall Hair Trends 2015

Alexandra Cristin - September 9, 2015
Tape in hair extensions

Fall Hair Trends 2015: Top 5 Hair Trends For Fall

You may have been ‘Cool For The Summer’ with your ombre blonde hair and pastel colors, but get ready for those pumpkin spiced lattes and fall hair trends.  With a new season comes new fashion and new trends, and of course new hair trends. For beauty gurus alike, a new season is a time for change for the better. Summer may have been all about the caramel ombre and bright pastel colors, but Fall 2015 is all about new and subtle glam looks. Fall 2015 has some great hair trends that you will see all over the world.  Check out these top 5 hair trends for 2015:Ombre hair extensions


Ok, years later we’re still obsessed with ombre hair. It looks good on us all and we don’t need to make as many trips to the salon for color appointments-perfect.  But with the fall and winter upon us, the trend is usually to tone it down a bit. But, truth is we’re not quite ready to leave behind our bright golden ombre (that we worked so hard to achieve), just for one season. This is where we will see sombre hair every where. Sombre hair is simply soft ombre, a more subtle, softer ombre look. This sombre look is usually achieved by adding a glaze and toning the hair a few shades darker.  Side note: toning the hair is healthier too. Then, over the next two seasons the color will fade and spring will be here and we will brighten and lighten all over again. Many are going for the sombre look this fall because it’s an easy transition and it looks really good and natural. If you have ombre hair and want to change up your look you may want to check out sombre hair for your next hair transition. You can add in extensions and color to get a nice soft ombre done at the salon with a simple toner. Shop sombre extensions here. 

Bronde hair extensionsBronde Hair

Every celebrity has been recognized for their new “Bronde” hair color and this a trend you will continue to hear this season. Bronde hair is a cross between brown and blonde hair color. Bronde is the perfect bridge from summer to fall and many are choosing this color as their fall look. But what defines Bronde? Simply put, if you can have a disagreement with someone about whether it’s brown or blonde hair, it’s probably bronde. Bronde hair is created by doing a combination of balayage highlights and a warm-toner. It looks like a soft brown with hints of darkest blonde. It’s subtle and it works well with many skin tones. This is one hair color trend that will stick around for a few seasons.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.08.33 PM

Metallic Shades

If you are into hair fashion, chances are have heard and seen metallic hair and know the trend will be here to stay…think bronzed browns, rose golds and even copper colors. Metallic hair colors are in and are popping up every where. This trend is introducing new bronzed and shiny blonde colors that look like hair that has been lightened and brightened in natural sunlight. This color trend features intense and bright, shiny colors, reflecting a “metallic” look.  Some who are bold and daring may choose to go for a full on metallic hair makeover. But most are using this trend in more subtle ways. We will see metallic hair used with the highlights or in ombre to add a more subtle way of introducing this new shade for adding in shiny metallic colors. Shop metallic hair extension colors.

Longer Hair

24 Inch Hair ExtensionsWe know that hair extensions are as important as makeup primer, it’s simply a must to achieve that flawless glamorous look! But Fall 2015 hair is all about the really long hair. We are talking 22-24 inch hair that falls at the waist! Vanessa Hudgens just got waist length extensions, Jordin Sparks was on the Today Show with super long hair (see above), and haven’t we all seen how gorgeous Ciara is with her 26 inch hair? This fall trend is long, and the longer the better. Women are getting rid of the layers, because it’s about long hair. And BTW, Pixie cuts are out too. With the longer hair trend you can get long hair in an instant by adding in extensions. Of course with long hair, comes endless styling options and super cute high ponytails-but that will always be trendy.  Get long hair today.

Tape in hair extensionsHair Extensions

Hair extensions have always been around but they are really in demand now as women want chemical free color options and longer hair this fall. This season women want length and volume and they’re using the latest hair extension methods to achieve the look they want. They are wearing colorful extension pieces and new semi-permanent hair extensions. The latest trend is tape in hair extensions, a semi-permanent hair extension method that is 100% natural and non-damaging. Clip in hair extensions are out, most celebs and women opt for tape tape in extensions because they’re quick to put in, thin and invisible and non-damaging. With tape extensions you can add in chemical free ombre and highlights by adding in a few tape in hair extensions. Fall 2015 means better hair and women are choosing to add extension in to change up their looks and go the chemical free route. With tape extensions you can wear hair up or down, add in a few pieces for length or volume and it only takes 30 minutes to apply.

What fall looks do you like? Let us know below what you want to try.

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  1. Hey, m into bridal hair mostly n wud like to buy tape extns bt jus wondering hw wud I collect it back frm my brides as I use all clip extns, bt want to definitely upgrade myself wth all d newer techniques. …..pls suggest

    1. Tape in extensions are semi permanent, so it would not be a good idea to collect the hair back from anyone. Especially for sanitary purposes. Tape in hair extensions need to be applied by a professionally trained stylist. Glam Seamless also offers clip in hair extensions. Hope this information helps.

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