Do tape hair extensions damage hair?

Alexandra Cristin - April 15, 2015
tape hair extensions

Hair extensions are as life changing as makeup-they transform your look and boost your confidence in an instant. If you have never worn hair extensions you may want to know if hair extensions damage your hair.  If you have never worn hair extensions you may hesitant because you are not sure if they will ruin your hair. The good news is that there are hair extensions that will not damage your hair. The bad news: there are other types of hair extensions that WILL damage your hair. So when considering hair extensions we would like to tell you which hair extensions are good for your hair. With extensive research and testing we have concluded that tape extensions do not damage your hair and are the best hair extension method. After wearing hair extensions for 15 years I know hair extensions and I know which hair extension damage your hair. When you lose hair from hair extensions, it defeats the point of getting them in the first place. But dont fret, a new hair extension method is here and it isn’t damaging!

Are you wondering if tape hair extensions damage hair?Tape in hair extensions are the least damaging hair extension method on the market.In fact, if you are looking to grow out your hair or are looking for the best thin hair solution tape extensions may be your perfect solution.  Find out why tape extensions great and will not damage your hair:

Thin and lightweight: The actual tape wefts are very thin and lightweight and do not pull on your own hair. This alone is what sets tape extensions apart from other hair extensions. Because the tape extensions are thin there will be little weight on your actual hair. Other methods tend to be bulky and pull on your hair, creating bald spots or ripping out hair. With the thin lightweight tape wefts, you can barely feel them and you will not experience any pulling with these extensions. The weight of hair extensions is something you should always consider. Hair extensions that are too heavy or bulky put a lot of stress on your own hair which can lead to breakage. The tape in method is the lightest hair extension available.

No chemicals or tools: There also are no chemicals or tools used-which allows your hair to remain healthy the entire time. The tape extensions are made with a medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive which is 100% natural and safe. This is especially beneficial for your hair. The chemical free hair extension method will ensure that there is zero damage.

Healthy hair growth: Tape extensions will promote heathy hair growth as they tape extensions will grow out with your hair. Tape extensions last 8-12 weeks your hair will be able to grow and breathe the entire time. There are no limitations with tape extensions, so you can still take care of your hair all while wearing hair extensions.

Perfect hair wefts: The tape extensions are two inches wide which are the perfect width to hold in your hair. Because they are not like fusion hair extensions (thin mini strands) they will not tangle with each other and pull out your hair. Also, because they are thin (unlike weft and clip extensions) they will not create any bald spots. The two inch thin tape wefts are perfect because they are impossible to tangle with each other. This is usually why other hair extension methods are so damaging, because they twist and tangle, leaving behind big hair balls to untangle.  The thin tape wefts are the perfect weight and width, which is what you need if you do not want to have damaged hair with hair extensions.

Easy to remove: Glam Seamless tape extensions are easily removed within 2-3 minutes with an organic chemical free remover. With other hair extension methods the removal process is where the damage occurs. Other tape brands use a “Gel” based tape which are too sticky, and when you go to remove them it is very difficult. The other hair extension methods use harsh chemicals to bond the hair extensions to your hair, and when you go to remove the extensions you take your hair right with the extensions. So with tape extensions easy to remove, they are perfect.

If you are considering hair extensions you will love the way they will change your look. Yes, it is true certain hair extension methods with damage your hair. However, tape extensions are the least damaging hair extension available on the market today. They are easy to apply, easy to maintain, and are undetectable. You can have great hair extensions that are damage free. Choose the right type of hair extension the suits your lifestyle and also find a trusted hair stylist to help you have them installed and maintained.

Let me know, what has been your favorite hair extension type?





  1. What is the difference between the remi tape in and the invisi tape?… I have thin hair and ive used the tape in. Im expanding my horizon on which product I think better suits my hair type. I have an underactive thyroid, thus causing me to have thin hair. My problem with the last product I used was that u semi saw the tape on the ones closest to the top of my head.

    1. Remy tape in extensions are a bonded weft with sew lines to prevent shedding. Invisi-Tape wefts are hand-tied Skin Wefts that appear to be hair from your own scalp. Skin Wefts are hand made with hand knotted hair on a very thin mono-mesh base that looks and feels like your own scalp. They are called skin wefts because they are invisible without any seams and match your scalp. If you have thin hair, although the skin wefts appear to be coming from your scalp, you should consult with a trained stylist to determine if the single sided tape method application would be best for you.

  2. I have tape hair extensions and I like them very much .
    Except I should be more careful taking them out is because I pulled some of my hair out .☹

    1. Yes Elisabeth, when removing tape in hair extensions, you should use caution when doing so. Glam Seamless has a healthy organic coconut oil remover which when applied, will have the tape ins slide right out after a few minutes of setting with the solution. Visit for the solution to no longer pulling your own hair out!

  3. I have tape in extensions and love them. However, I’ve heard from a few friends it damaged their hair. It does feel damaging when they are removed, how do I know if the solution used to remove the extensions is really working? My stylist told me it’s not damaging my hair but how do I know she’s being honest?

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