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Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Alexandra Cristin - March 2, 2015
Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

I have always worn hair extensions because I have fine and thin hair. My hair was never thick and I always love how hair extensions transform my look in an instant. For years I used to wear fusion hair extensions and that was the most damaging hair extension method. I wore both keratin fusion and micro bead hair extensions and this damaged my hair that …

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Hair Extensions That Don’t Damage Your Hair

Alexandra Cristin - February 18, 2015
Tape In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the best kept secret for adding length and volume in an instant. You can transform your look and boost your confidence by adding hair extensions. However, there are many out there that believe that hair extensions damage your hair. They have heard hair extension horror stories. When considering hair extensions you want to choose your hair stylist and the method of hair …

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Choosing Your Hair Extensions

Alexandra Cristin - February 10, 2015
I can't even stress enough how amazing the seamless tape ins are! I've been using them for 6 months now (had them moved up 2x) and never had one fall out! The hair is in amazing condition still and the staff/customer service is incredible. I've recommended you guys to all of my friends!! :)


Choosing hair extensions can be a time consuming process. You want to find the best quality and a fair price. The first thing when considering hair extensions is to choose the right hair quality. No matter what type of hair extensions you have, if you do not get a high quality hair you can end up with problems that will cause a headache down the …

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