Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

Alexandra Cristin - April 2, 2015
Tape In Hair Extensions

I have always had thin hair and it has been something I have always wanted to fix. I tried adding in supplements and adding in certain fruits and vegetables to help my hair grow. However, it turns out that fine and thin hair can be genetic. In my case it is. So for the past 10 years I have turned to hair extensions for my fine hair. Hair extensions for fine haired women will give an beautiful transformation as well as boost confidence in an instant. Finally, full ponytails and gorgeous voluminous blowouts. All because of hair extensions. However, not all hair extensions are good for women with fine/thin hair. If you have thin hair you will need the best type of hair extensions that will work well with your hair type and won’t damage your already fine hair. I have tried all different type of hair extensions and I have found the best type of hair extension for fine hair. Read below to see each hair extension method and how they work with women with thin and fine hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions are a great temporary option for women with thin hair. However, the clip extensions tend to be very bulky and heavy. Each clip weft holds a lot of weight. When applied, it pulls on your hair creating pressure on the hair and can create bald spots overtime. Also, with clip extensions, if you have fine hair, you cannot just clip and go. Each clip weft need to be backed up with a  tail comb, creating a little hair nest, that holds the clips. The clip extensions are fine if you are looking to wear hair extensions a few times out of the year. However, if you are looking for a daily or even weekly solution to fine hair then clip extensions are not for you. The clip extensions are very heavy and bulky and also have limited styling options. If you find yourself wearing your clip extensions a lot you may want to switch to tape extensions. They are not as expensive as other hair extension methods and won’t create bald spots like clip ins do over time.

Micro Bead/Fusion/ Strand by Strand Extensions are the worst hair extensions for women with thin hair. These expensive hair extensions are the worst hair extensions for fine hair. These extensions are placed strand by strand and cause a lot of damage to the hair. The micro bead hair extensions are really heavy as well and pull on the hair. These hair extensions out a lot of strain on the hair because each bond is small. So you have hundreds of tiny bonds pulling on your hair. What makes this method even worse is that many end up losing hair after removal. If you already have fine or thin hair, the last thing you want is to lose hair from hair extensions. When I wore these hair extensions my hair tangled like Bob Marleys dreadlocks and ended up pulling out my hair. Not to mention the method takes hours to get installed and costs thousands.  This method is the worst for women with fine hair. Save your money and time.

Glued Weft/Sewn Weft Extensions I am not sure how many have tried these two methods but I have. Like I said, I have worn EVERY hair extensions possible. I love the way hair extensions transform my hair. The glued extensions are terrible and will rip your hair out in an instant. Not to mention the glue doesn’t allow your hair to grow and breathe. The Sewn In Weft Extensions are not good for fine hair either. These two methods are too bulky and pull on your own hair. For women with thin hair, this is a disaster. These two hair extension methods do not allow your hair to grow and breathe properly and are not good for those with fine hair.

Tape in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for fine hair period. These lightweight extensions get “taped” with tape hair wefts in between pieces of your own hair. Each tape weft is thin and lightweight and invisible. These thin tape extensions last up to three months and only take 30 minutes to get applied. The reason why they are the best hair extension for some with thin hair is because they are lightweight, conform to the shape of your head, and are undetectable. These extensions cannot be seen and barely can be felt. They are super thin yet hold up really well. You can workout with the hair extensions, you can swim, you can wear hair up or down, and have weekly blowouts with these extensions. They act just like your own hair. I love this method because I have worn tape extensions for 3 years and haven’t had any hair loss or damage. Finally I have found a solution for my fine hair problems.

If you have thin hair or are starting to have thin hair, there are solutions for fine hair out there! You do not have to suffer. You can have gorgeous hair and get your confidence back. Hair Extensions transform hair and really make you look and feel better. I love hair extensions and I am so happy that I have them to make my hair look better.

Tell me, what has been your best hair extension for fine hair?


  1. Thank you for the article! I have fine thin hair and was looking for options as I am self conscious right now. What salon did you get them done at?

  2. I have been wearing tape in extensions for 2 years and love them. I have tried the glue in they r the Worst!! I love the freedom I get with my tape ins and if u care for them well u can re-use them over and over. I only use human hair tapes and people compliment me on my waist length jet black hair all the time. No one can tell. Once u try them u will always wear them. Comfortable long wearing and Gorge!!

  3. Hi I am mixed race & my hair is very very fine especially on the top which doesnt grow very well and can see my scalp which is very distressing for me. I have tried every extension going and at the moment I am wearing a sewn on wig but would prefer something less bulky so would these extensions be suitable for me?

    1. Our Glam Strands are designed for the crown of the head, highlights and bangs. You could try a pack to see if it suitable for you. Without seeing a pic of your hair, we cannot say whether this method would work for you. We suggest a consultation with a professionally trained stylist with tape in hair extension experience.

  4. I have the lightest color blonde hair possible I am 56 and I’m platinum blonde…are there extentions in this color…and are the tape in extentions ductile this light?

      1. Good morning! My first question is how can i grab some hair extensions
        I need some that fits my nappy hair
        I’m als losing and its thin
        I think i lost a lot of my hair because i don’t know how to take care of it
        Please help me fined the right hair extensions

  5. Hi, I have very fine thin hair and have been wearing clip in hair extensions. After wearing them several times my hair broke off in several places and left a bald spot . I read a few things about the tape in hair extensions and am willing to give them a try. I was just wondering if this is the best method for me and can I install them myself.

    1. Tape in extensions are perfect for adding volume and length without causing breakage to your hair. We do not recommend you install them yourself as they will slip out. A trained stylist will be able to apply them and make sure you are using the best method so that there is not damage.

  6. never used any type of extensions but now that am in my 60’s hair on top is getting thinner and thinner… where can i go for the tape extensions just on top…. I live in NC near Highlands….. any suggestions? thanks.. I almost bought the clip ones but after I read your advice i wont do it…..!!! thanks, Alice

    1. Trinity Salon in Cary, NC would be a good place. You will want to consult to see if our Glam Strands (micro tape in hair extensions) would be a good solution for you or whether regular tape in hair extensions would work better. Good luck! Glam Seamless

  7. I have extremely thin hair. I’ve tried clip in extensions as well as the ones with the bead at the end. When I would pick my hair up into a ponytail you could see the bumps from the clip and beads. Will the tape one show when I pick my hair up into a ponytail?

  8. Hi there!
    I have a question. I have had clip ins, and a braidless weave before. You could see both and it was horrible. I want to try tape extensions and am wondering. Can you get the same volume from tape extensions that you do from a braidless weave? I loved how thick and luxurious my hair was.

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