October 2014

The Best Type of Hair Extensions

Alexandra Cristin - October 13, 2014
tape hair extensions

Hair Extensions Instantly Transform Your Look When it comes to instantly transforming your look and enjoying a glamorous new persona, hair extensions are an essential part of your ensemble. Hair extensions give you the freedom of changing hairstyles, experimenting with new lengths and going wild with color. Choosing the right hair extensions is a matter of matching the right ones to your individual tastes. There are …

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Swimming With Hair Extensions

Alexandra Cristin - October 9, 2014
woman at pool

Picture this, you arrive on vacation looking fabulous and ready to relax while looking good doing it. Shades on, outfit selected, hair extensions in tact. But if it is summer, or spring break, or your dream vacation, and you may find yourself wanting to keep in your hair extensions while doing all planned activities. Hiking, zip lining, snorkeling, and definitely going to the beach and …

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